About Us

Project & Construction Management is a specialised service that applies knowledge, skills and tools to manage risk and ensure that your projects are successfully delivered on time and within budget. At Stealth we manage your projects from start to finish – balancing time, cost and quality to deliver outstanding results. You will be provided with a single point of contact – account manager.

Today, delivering a successful project goes beyond being on time, on budget and within specifications. Our project and development services professionals commit to helping you identify and manage your project risks before they become costly problems.

With our in-depth understanding of local legislation, regulations and business drivers, we help clients effectively complete a wide variety of project types across industries—from residential, corporate offices and industrial developments to campus new build and multisite retail outlets.

Whether you are looking to makeover your home prior to sale, build a new residence or construct a new hotel; you need a partner that has the experience and knowledge to deliver to your requirements.

Supported by a truly transparent delivery platform, we provide the most consistent client experience across all sectors.

Our uncompromising commitment to service and quality has earned us a reputation as one of the country’s leading Project & Construction Management Companies.